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Last adjustments May 16, 2018

Key Minnebo, December 2017

Winter 2017 - Spring 2018. 

For an indefinite period, on doctor's advice, I can’t give any guided tours or lectures. In general: back to work is out of the question.

Due to a remarkable deterioration since the beginning of 2016, many consultations with specialists and tests, a diagnosis was finally made in August of that year: cancer in the pituitary stem. After a stay of six weeks in the hospital, including complications, treatments and excellent care, ready to strengthen at home - a gradual process. And that went better than what the doctors expected. Since, I have been living with the consequences, which I embrace as a fascinating learning process.

I am grateful for the highly appreciated support and accompaniment. This adventure is still in full swing. 


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Inspiration, reverie, musing, wonderment: doorways to golden glimpses of Other Worlds


art by Key Minnebo

The Other Self

miniature with acrylic paint by Key Minnebo


watercolour by Key Minnebo

First snow

photo, photoshop and drawing by Key Minnebo

Holly Spirit

watercolour and acrylic paint by Key Minnebo


acrylic paint miniature by Key Minnebo

copyright Key Minnebo 2018